My husband and I have contracted with Robert Hoaren twice, once for some exterior painting and trim work, and once for restoration work after a burst pipe in our home which involved reinsulating, the rebuilding of walls/drywall and painting, and some other odds and ends we found we needed help with during the process. Robert is responsive and holds true to his estimates which I found to be both fair and competitive. He and his team arrive not only on time, but often 15 minutes early but are so courteous that they wait in front of your home before ringing your doorbell unless you wave them inside. And there is no dilly dallying; they come in and get straight to work, all the while being pleasant, polite, and considerate of the care you take with your home.

Our home had water damage on all three levels as the pipe that burst was on the top floor. It was an absolute mess after the demo and mold remediation and I was beside myself. Robert and his team did all they could to make our lives easier/less stressful during the restoration work. They often made me laugh when I felt like crying. And the results were beautiful. They definitely demonstrate attention to detail, use quality materials, and even give you various options from which to choose. They completed both projects in the time they said they would and no one could believe how great it all looked when they were done given what a disaster it all was when they arrived.

But what was just as important to me, if not even a little more, was that I felt completely comfortable and at ease with Robert and his team in my home all day. So much so that I often asked if they'd mind if I left for a few hours to run errands. I'd come home to find them busily working, not a single thing was ever touched. They wouldn't even help themselves to cold drinks in the refrigerator after I welcomed them to do so, saying that they just didn't feel right about reaching into anyone's I made up for that by intermittently asking them if

there was anything I could offer them to eat or drink given how hard they worked to get our lives back to normal. That, to me, was worth an awful lot.

Thank you Robert and team; we appreciate you!

Dana M. Haymarket, VA